"At Burgstrom Automotive, we strive to be the recognized leader of guest service through the commitment to treat everyone like family."

Bergstrom Automotive, known colloquially as the dealership, is a business in Greenville. It is imperative to purchase a vehicle from the dealership as it's the only means of transportation. It is also the only spawn location on the map.

Purchasing a car Edit

To purchase a car, walk and touch the front desk. An interface will appear showing the player a list of cars in the selected category with their price.

Layout Edit

Exterior Edit

Bergstrom has a relatively large parking lot, able to hold up to 19 cars. To the left of the main building is an arch labeled Used Cars. To the right of the main building is an accessible body shop.

Interior Edit

Bergstrom's front desk is place directly facing the entrance. To the left of the front desk is an accessible employee's only door. To the right of the front desk are instructions on how to buy a vehicle and an accessible bathroom. Further right and to the wall are four cubicles with computers. To the left of the lobby is a car on display and a couch.

Trivia Edit

  • Bergstrom is Wisconsin-based, having the majority of locations in western Wisconsin.
    • 22 locations in and around Appleton, 11 locations in Oshkosh, 2 locations in Green Bay, and 4 in and around Madison.