Welcome to the Greenville WikiEdit

The online "Book" that anyone can add to and edit.

Project GoalEdit

Welcome to Greenville, a part of the Southeastern United States. This is the online "book" that anyone can edit, anyone can add to, where you can tell whatever stories you want. The goal of this project is to explore the new media available to authors-- why have an ebook that follows the rules of traditional print? Do movies look like stage performances, just on film instead of live? Of course not-- so we're here to find out the limits of what we can do with online publishing. There are only two rules: no fan fiction, and every page you add has to link to at least one other page. That's the entire goal-- telling a story with a scope only as limited as our imaginations. No pages, no genre preference, just an endless series of stories. The other rule is no fan fiction-- everything you add must be your own original thoughts. The idea of authorship might be shifted a bit here, and you may as well expect people to add to and elaborate on whatever you add to this wiki, but in the end it all needs to be intellectual property that at least one of us actually owns (no lawsuits, please). 

So whether you are adding a story, a vignette, a book, a poem, or a song, feel free to get started. Elaborate upon each other's worlds. Greenville is just a starting spot, but where its stories lead, and even what it looks like, how big it is, and what happens inside.....all up to you.

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